Change of use applications - Pharmacy 

Usually, a purely dispensing and not retail pharmacy in a health centre will be allowed with D1 planning permission granted as the use is construed as ancillary to the main health centre use for planning purposes. We will measure your premises, draw existing and proposed drawings and submit this to the local authority along with an OS Map. 


Failure to have the right planning permissions can result in the local authority taking action to prevent a breach of planning (whether it is a breach of the permitted use or 

unauthorised alterations). This could result in the pharmacy having to close. 


We have carried out work for many successful Pharmacies, feel free to call one of our advisors to discuss. 

HAD Award winners AGAIN!!!

Hussain Architectural Design Ltd has been named: Best Newcoming Architecture Firm 2015 in UK in Build Magazine's Engineering and Construction Awards!!!!!


The 2015 Construction & Engineering Awards are designed to celebrate fantastic performance and success over the past 12 months and provide the perfect platform for firms to achieve even greater results in the months and years to come.


How were we awarded this particular title? 

The research, carried out by the BUILD team of 8 highly experienced industry professionals, and the decision making process handled by their dedicated in-house judging panel took over 320 man-hours, during which time the teams worked closely to ensure that only the most deserving firms, departments and individuals were recognised. 

Are you looking for an Architectural Practice to take on your project?

You could be following your ultimate dream of a house rebuild or you’re just looking to add a storey to your existing home, chances are that to help you plan and design everything, you’ll need to find an architectural practice. Hopefully we’re now starting to come out of the credit crunch, many people are still being prevented from moving homes due to a limit in finances, but in these difficult times we may be able to turn a small amount of money into the ideal extra living space for your family to enjoy in your current home.



As the rise of architecture is becoming more mainstream there’s no one more trustworthy than an architectural professional. Give us a call to discuss your project.