Building regulation drawings set the latest standards for design and construction of buildings, checking that there is adequate health and safety for people using the dwelling. Providing advice with regards to the lates environmentally friendly building materials and energy efficiency. They observe space management for wheel access and other disabilities where required.

The building regulations contain various sections dealing with definitions, procedures, and what is expected in terms of the technical performance of building work. The main sections are:

  • Structure (part a)
  • Fire safety (part b)
  • Site preperations and resistance to moisture (part c)
  • Toxic substances (part d)
  • Resistance to the passage of sound (part e)
  • Ventilation (part f)
  • Hygiene (part g)
  • Drainage and waste disposal (part h)
  • Combustion appliances and fuel storage systems (part j)
  • Protection from falling, collision and impact (part k)
  • Conservation of fuel and power (part l)
  • Access to and use of buildings (part m)
  • Glazing - Safety in relation to impact, opening and cleaning (part n)
  • Electrical safety (part p)
  • Materials and workmenship