Building regulations are minimum standards of health and safety that apply to most types of buildings and structures across England and Wales.

We work to ensure the delivery of safe, healthy, accessible and sustainable buildings for current and future generations across the area. Carrying out any kind of alteration, conversion or extension to your home is a fairly major undertaking and you could potentially be investing many thousands of pounds on the physical element of the works. Whilst you need to be sure that you are placing the design element of this in experienced and expert hands, you also need to be comfortable with the design approach and be able to control the design costs. We believe that the approach we take is unique as we not only offer a free initial site visit, (if you are within 40 miles of our office), but we also provide a pay as you go service, for the pick and mix options that makes architectural design and building plans both affordable and accessible to all home improvement projects, whether alterations, extensions, conversions or new build, regardless of their size, budget or complexity. 

Our process usually starts with a phone call, where we’ll thoroughly explain how the planning process, building regulation process and our own process works and where possible we’ll give you a very good idea of the costs and timescales involved. Should you want to take the process a little further, then we’ll arrange a mutual time to visit your house, where we’ll discuss your thoughts in more detail and establish various options. Depending upon the project this can take a couple of hours or so of your time and like we’ve already mentioned, all we ask is that it’s during daylight hours. We know many people are not available during the day, so we’re more than happy to meet you at a time to suit you, whether this is during the evening, over the weekend or indeed during normal daytime working hours. You don’t need to have definite ideas at all about what you want to do, we’ll listen to your thoughts, discuss various design options with you and explain the planning and building regulation processes to you so you understand how everything works.

By the end of our first meeting, our aim is to have given you a good understanding of the processes involved in planning and building control; we’ll make you aware of any likely planning or building control issues that we may need to work around, so that we can hopefully avoid problems during the planning application processes. We’ll also discuss the next steps with you which can be chosen from our pick and mix menu, together with a firm indication of the costs involved, all of which will be confirmed in writing to you, so that you can consider it further.